Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Guidelines for Modifying SORTIE-ND

The SORTIE-ND user license allows you to modify the code however you wish. You can change or extend the existing code to do a variety of tasks. Here are some guidelines to follow when making changes.

Join our developer network. Please sign up for our developer mailing list. You can ask questions of other developers and coordinate efforts to avoid code duplication.

Give back. If you have added new modules to the model, please give them back to us so that we can include them in the official SORTIE-ND code repository for the benefit of all of the user community. We reserve the SORTIE-ND name for the official repository, which we alone maintain. You cannot use the name "SORTIE" or "SORTIE-ND" in a publication for the results of a model in which unofficial changes appear. You can send changes and updates to Lora Murphy. We respect the need for discretion in advance of publication and will not release your additions until your papers are at least in press. Please contact Charles D. Canham with any questions.