Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

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These tools are contributed by our users, to do a potentially wide range of helpful tasks associated with SORTIE-ND research projects. They are intended to be helpful, with no warranty or support implied. If you use them, proper attribution is required. If you would like to contribute a tool, please contact Lora Murphy at

GLI Ray Tracer

Owners: Lora Murphy and Charles Canham.

This program takes as input a set of trees and a set of light rays and determines, for each ray, which trees intersect it. A help file can be found here. This tool is available as Java source code. You are responsible for compiling and running the code.

Download this 57 Kb file:

GLI Ray Tracer, UQAM Version

Owners: Frédéric Boivin and Anil Ediriweera.

This is a modification of the GLI Ray Tracer program, with different allometry functions:

Height = b0 + b1(DBH)
Height of canopy bottom = Height - (C2 x (Height)β )

Download this 90 Kb file:

Harvest with Advanced Regeneration Protection (HARP)

Owner: Mark Vanderwel

This program implements a harvest prescription termed HARP (Harvest with Advanced Regeneration Protection). It is a combination of stripcutting (all trees are cut along parallel vertical skid trails) and diameter-limit cutting (all trees above a lower diameter threshold are cut). It is designed to be implemented through the Harvest Interface feature of SORTIE, and can be combined with the Lagged Post Harvest Growth and Post Harvest Skidding Mortality behaviors. This is as published in Thorpe et al 2010.

Download this 8 Kb file:

Spatial Partial Harvest

Owner: Mark Vanderwel

This program implements a partial harvest prescription that is specified in terms of intensity and spatial pattern. It is designed to be implemented through the Harvest Interface feature of SORTIE. This is as published in Vanderwel et al 2011.

Download this 274 Kb file:

Selection Harvest Module Source Code

Owner: Mike Fuller

This is the source code for an external module that works with the Harvest Interface behavior in SORTIE. The classes implement single-tree and group cutting silviculture, and permit the user to set rough basal-area targets for different stem size classes (e.g. "cut 30% of size class A", etc.).

Find more information and download on GitHub: